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Henry Ford Health Doctors Bust COVID Vaccine Myths, They Say Being Circulating Online

(CBS DETROIT)- Official's with Henry Ford Health says there's been a lot of COVID-19 vaccination myths circulating online, in an effort to get more people vaccinated, they say they want to set the record straight.

During a virtual press conference Thursday, doctors with Henry Ford Health says there are currently 23 patients being treated for COVID in their hospital, a number that's been stable, however they are seeing a slight uptick in people testing positive especially the Delta Variant.

"This virus is vicious we've gone through 3 surges now in Michigan, we have seen what's happen around the globe and around the state with the Delta Variant that started in India has spread like wildfire now," said Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer at Henry Ford Health Dr. Adnan Munkarah MD.

In order to contain the virus Dr. Munkarah says, people need to get vaccinated, but officials say there are too many myths out there adding to the hesitancy.

"The most common myth is that the vaccine was created too quickly and it's only safe once it gets full FDA approval," said Dr. Dennis Cunningham MD, System Medical Director of Infection Control and Prevention, at Henry Ford Health.

Dr. Cunningham says, the technology is not new and has been around treating certain cancers for the past 10 years. He says people are also concerned vaccines will impact fertility.

"Absolutely no scientific evidence that the vaccine will impact fertility in men or women," Dr. Cunningham said.

Dr. Cunningham also says the vaccine does not alter DNA and you should get vaccinated if you've had COVID.

He says they will continue to do outreach and educate the community, especially in low vaccinated areas like Detroit.

"Sadly too many people are relying of baseless information and that could cause them their life," said Cunningham.

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