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Hamtramck Judge Shames 72-Year-Old Cancer Patient For Not Maintaining Lawn

(CBS DETROIT) - A cancer patient has had a difficult time maintaining his lawn since being diagnosed, but a Hamtramck judge showed no sympathy.

In a Zoom court hearing, Burhan Chowdhury, the 72-year-old defendant, explained that he has been too weak to maintain his lawn.

Judge Alexis G. Krot told the defendant that he should be ashamed of himself and said, "if I could give you jail time, I would."

During the court hearing, Shibbir Chowdhury, the defendant's son, explained that his dad is sick, and after receiving the citation, they cleaned his property.

Chowdury told WDIV that since his father was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, he and his mother have been trying to help take care of the property, but during the time of this citation, he had been outside of the country.

He said it was his mistake but that Judge Krot should have talked to his father more politely.

According to WDIV, Krot cannot comment on this situation as a judge.

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