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Grid4 Communications Introduces Advanced Network Monitoring Tool

TROY (WWJ) -- Troy-based Grid4 Communications Inc. Wednesday released its SmartView Network Monitoring Suite, a family of reporting services that provides Grid4 customers unparalleled visibility of their business networks.

SmartView provides real-time reporting of key network performance indicators such as hardware health, network speed and bandwidth utilization in a quick-glance dashboard that is easily expanded to provide granular-level details.

Grid4 originally developed SmartView to support their own extensive network operations. Grid4 network engineers and the Network Operations Center have relied on SmartView for everything from troubleshooting and forensics to traffic analysis and network planning.

"It quickly became clear in that anyone responsible for the performance of a network would want this tool," said Matt Aho, a Grid4 network engineer and SmartView technical lead.

Added Grid4 CEO Chris Hopkins: "Grid4 has a proven commitment to deliver smarter solutions to our customers. Networks deliver the Oxygen businesses require. Giving our partners a more intelligent way to manage such a vital resource just makes sense."

Beta users of the product have already used SmartView Advanced to identify minor network issues that, left unresolved, could have led to major network interruptions.

SmartView is available in three tiers; Standard, Advanced and Premier. Grid4 will provide customers a free trial of SmartView Advanced and Standard service during which they can get a feel for the product and a comprehensive view of their business network. Customers can then continue the service for a minimal monthly fee.

Grid4 Invites everyone to learn more about SmartView at

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