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DETROIT --, a Detroit-based clean energy technology company, today announced the launch of a proprietary e-commerce platform where contractors can order the engineering documents needed to quickly develop solar energy projects.

This cloud-based platform provides clients access to a virtual network of highly accredited engineers who help cut costs and streamline the project development process from initial feasibility studies through the permit drawings.  

"Our business model leverages high tech cloud computing with the flexibility of the human touch," said Michael Sharber, CEO. "Our platform helps clients hit the ground running with free project quotes and low-cost, high-value engineering documents. As a result, customers understand the potential costs and viability of solar projects before they have to make any major investment."  

A visit to explains the process: to start, clients enter basic information regarding their solar construction project or retrofit. From there, the Virtual Engineering Center analyzes and aggregates thousands of data points to create a comprehensive 360-degree view of the project. GreenLancer engineers then review the data and validate outcomes. 

"The easy availability of data rich internet content is redefining business models in virtually every industry sector," Sharber said.  "GreenLancer is among the very first to apply this proven model to the engineering universe to produce high quality technical documents quickly and with a high level of predictability and consistency."

Importantly, engineering documents can be branded with contractor's logos and color schemes, so that can, in effect, serve as a back office operation for contractors seeking to add an alternative energy expertise to their services.

To meet growing demand, has contracted a national network of alternative energy engineering freelancers (a/k/a "greenlancers") from across the country to participate on its team. GreenLancer candidates are extensively pre-screened and qualified, so they can then be assigned to specific project tasks that maximize individual talents.  In this way, the greenlancers create an engineering project assembly line.  This greenlancer assembly line, backed by the Virtual Engineering Center, has proven to provide professional engineering support that is far more effective than brick and mortar competitors. 

"Our greenlancers also enable us to activate boots-on-the-ground when a project requires a physical onsite presence," said Sharber.'s crowd-sourcing, in the cloud approach, has already enabled it to work seamlessly in 32 U.S. states, six countries and four continents, including projects with notable clients like General Motors, DTE Energy, Occidental Oil and the U.S. Department of Defense in Afghanistan. has won select business model competitions and recently was funded by a consortium of investment groups who saw value in the company's innovative approach.

GreenLancer serves all sectors of the construction industry.   A more thorough examination of the Virtual Engineering Center functionality can be found at  For more information, please visit

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