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'Giggles The Pig' Running For Mayor Of Flint

FLINT (CBS Detroit) - It may sound like a twisted tale, but a little pink pig is campaigning in Flint.

Via a Facebook page managed by an area attorney, Giggles the Pig has announced she's running in the upcoming Flint mayoral race, and she'd like your write-in vote.

Although a digital campaign poster touts funding by the Committee to Elect Giggles — according to information in the page's "About" section — it's clear that defense lawyer Michael Ewing is the man behind the pig.

So why run a pig? A post on Facebook explains he's disenchanted with the state of politics in Vehicle City.

"It started because one of the city council members, who was convicted of murder, announced he was running for mayor. I am pretty forgiving, but it I am really strongly opposed to murder—and think electing a mayor who was convicted of murder sends a bad message about our city. Not to mention the embarrassing letters he has written about Flint.

"We also have a mayoral candidate who was recently convicted for driving his car while drunk on the highway with three flat tires—while driving the wrong direction on the highway. This same mayoral candidate has been thrown out of council meeting because he cannot behave himself. Flint deserves better candidates than this. While reading about these people it occurred to me that Giggles would be a more dignified candidate—and I'm right."

The posts goes on to say that Giggles is "a sweet and intelligent animal — which is more than can be said for some candidates."

Flint TV station ABC12 reports Ewing — who cites that towns across the country have had cats, dogs, and even a beer drinking donkey serve as mayor — is looking into the legality of a non-human animal mayor.

Being that, due to a filing deadline error, all candidates — including Flint's incumbent Mayor Dayne Walling — may have to run as write-ins, Giggles could conceivably squeal her way to a win.

As of early Wednesday evening, Giggle's Facebook page was fast-approaching 500 "likes" and collecting support in the form of comments.

John West posted: "From the hats I've seen thrown in the ring so far, Giggles could be a front-runner for president!" Carl Deming wrote: "It's about time we got somebody we can trust."

Others are weighing in on Twitter.

It's clear Giggles stands with the majority of Michiganders on at least one issue: She purportedly voted no on Proposal 1.

Election Day is November 3.

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