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Gene Lamont 'Nobody Wants To Talk To You Unless You F*&K Up!' (Video)

By: Jeff Riger

Tigers fans are left to wonder what this series might have looked like if a game turning, crucial play in the second inning of game two never happened. Prince Fielder was thrown out at home Thursday after trying to score on a Delmon Young double.

If Prince scored the Tigers would have led 1-0 and still had Young on 2nd base with nobody out. If Prince was held at 3rd, Detroit would have had runners at second and third with no outs and a big scoring threat brewing. But, a perfect throw from Gregor Blanco to Marco Scutaro nailed Fielder at the plate.

Third base coach Gene Lamont decided to send Fielder, saying after the game, "I just saw the ball bounce away from the left fielder, it wasn't where he was at, I thought Prince could score, it wound up that they made a perfect relay and I was wrong." Lamont went on to say: "If I had it to do over I probably would have held him, I just know we haven't been scoring runs and I got overly aggressive I guess."

Lamont admitted that he could not tell if Fielder was out at the time and then joked, "If he would have been safe, we would all have been talking about what a hell of a call it was."

Fielder told the media afterwards that he did not feel catcher Buster Posey tag him so he figured he was safe. When asked if he thought of holding at third himself, he responded, "no, I listen to my coaches."

Lamont got visibly frustrated talking to the media after the game saying, "The difficult part is that nobody wants to talk to you unless you f*&k up."

And that was only the tip of the iceburg, watch the video for a full (edited) version of his talk.

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