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Flint Township won't put name change on fall ballot

FLINT TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP) — A name change for Flint Township will not appear on the fall ballot.

Township trustees voted 4-2 Monday against placing the question on the ballot. The result would not have been binding, but there had been interest in getting the public's opinion about a change to Oak Hills Township, reported.

Supporters of a name change say "Flint" carries baggage. The city is nearby.

"In my business world, I have a really hard time selling Flint Township to outside folks," said Winfield Cooper, a real estate broker. "I have to explain to them it's not the city of Flint. I have to explain to them it's not lead-contaminated water."

Flint's water was contaminated in 2014-15 because state regulators didn't require that water from the Flint River be treated to reduce corrosion.

Changing the township name would cost at least $72,000 to change uniforms, vehicles and buildings at the fire and police departments.

"It does nothing to change the township other than to spend money," said resident Roger Powell, who opposed it.

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