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Final Sale: Gibraltar Trade Center Closing For Good This Weekend

MT. CLEMENS (WWJ) - It's a bittersweet last hurrah for the iconic flea market off I-94 in Mount Clemens.

The Gibraltar Trade Center will be hosting a massive sale and farewell party this weekend as it prepares to close its doors Sunday after 37 years in business.

"Oh, wow...37 years? That's a long time; almost been around long as I've been born," Eastpointe resident Luther Nepier said, upon hearing the news.

WWJ's Charlie Langton reports there are still bargains to be found at the shopping center, on N. River Road, with furniture, antiques, clothes and more marked up to 70 percent off.

Beth Stocia of Sterling Heights is among those sad to see it go.

"It's the only one around and so we need to get people to come to Mt. Clemens and get another one of these," she said. "Somebody's got to open one; we need one. Help!"

Gibraltar Trade spokeswoman Brittany Merrill says a big crowd of bikers is expected Friday evening as they give away a motorcycle.

"Tonight is going to be our bike night finale, which will be huge," she told Langton. "Everybody who's ever been to bike night will be here for a chance to win the motorcycle. When you come tonight you also can enter yourself for one last chance."

Business at the trade center, like at many other brick and mortar businesses, suffered in recent years as more and more people are shopping online. The land is being sold, although the current owner has not confirmed rumors that it will be turned into an industrial park.

[Get trade center hours and information about this weekend's sales and events at this link.]

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