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Female Kentucky Fans Lick Devin Booker's Car [PHOTOS]

By: Evan Jankens

The Internet brings us a new sensation nearly every day.

Last summer it was the ice bucket challenge. The summer before was the 'Harlem Shake.' Heck, a few years ago everyone and their brother was "Tebowing."

Now former Kentucky Wildcat Devin Booker may have created a new fad after revealing that a fan licked his car during an autograph signing while doing a radio interview.

OK, so one crazy fan decided to lick the man's car. You would think it would stop there, well it didn't. Now for whatever reason, attractive females are licking Booker's car.

There is no way this lasts. If I'm Devin Booker, I'm keeping Purell available at all times. Grabbing that door handle has to be risky business.

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