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DWSD Investigating Over 200 Weather-Related Complaints, 79 Active Water Main Breaks

(CBS DETROIT) - Numerous streets in Detroit are looking more like rivers.

One example is on Glastonbury and Chalfonte on the city's westside.

"Actually, it was like 3:00 in the afternoon, the water pressure in the house dropped, came out for a second and it was just gushing," said a Glastonbury resident, who's home is surrounded by ice and water from a water main break.

According to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department the city is investigating over 200 weather-related complaints and working to fix 79 active breaks.

"We called the city and they were like, 'oh that sounds like a service request,' and that was that," the Glastonbury resident continued, who didn't want to reveal his name.

"They was like eventually somebody will be out there. So they came, left us a sign, there you go."

DWSD officials say just last month the city saw over 150 water main breaks, which is common in extreme weather.

Rosedale Park residents are dealing with the aftermath of a water main break that flooded Artesian Street Friday.

A neighbor on the block told CW50 his yard was damaged Sunday when crews came to make repairs.

 "The water main broke and the water was shooting up and it filled up the whole block," said the Artesian Street resident.

"For three days we called."

DWSD officials say damaged yards, sidewalks and driveways from repairs will be temporarily restored until DWSD can return in the spring for a permanent solution.

 "Left my yard a mess," the homeowner said.

"I take care of my property, it's never looked like this. It's horrible."

Remaining breaks in Rosedale Park are scheduled to be fixed.

To report a problem in your neighborhood, download the Improve Detroit app or call 313-267-8000.

Below is the full statement released by DWSD to CW50:

"The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) appreciates the patience of residents and businesses as we make repairs to water mains due to the continued freezing temperatures.

There are currently more than 75 water main breaks that are in need of repair.

However, this is expected this time of year due to the dramatic temperatures and our aging infrastructure.

DWSD's number one job is to deliver clean, safe drinking water to our customers and therefore water main breaks that cause service outages are our first priority.

Secondly, water main breaks that cause impact to major bus and emergency routes are high priority as well.

On Artesian, a water main was repaired over the weekend and there remains another pipe break nearby that is scheduled for repair.

Damage to yards, sidewalks and driveways due to these repairs will be temporarily restored until DWSD can return in the spring to make a permanent restoration.

If you see running water or ice on a street, please choose a different route.

Call DWSD 313-267-8000 to report a suspected water main break or use the Improve Detroit app."


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