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Detroiters Protest Man's Fatal Shooting By ICE Agent: 'We're Not Gonna Burn Down Anything...We're Not Savages'

DETROIT (WWJ) - A loud crowd of protesters gathered  in a west side Detroit neighborhood Tuesday evening, outside a home where a federal agent shot and killed an alleged fugitive the day before.

The 200-strong group caused a traffic jam early Tuesday evening, at the corner of Chicago Road and Evergreen.

Among them were members of several community organizations, calling for justice, as well as peace, following the death of 20-year-old Terrence Kellom — a black man — as he was arrested by a Fugitive Apprehension Task Force.

"I think we are in the perfect position to let the country know...we're not gonna burn down anything, we're not gonna act ignorant, we're not savages," said Pastor Maurice Hardwick with the Live in Peace Movement.

"We're gonna stand in unity as men and women, and we're gonna demand results," he said.

Authorities said Kellom, a habitual offender, had fled while on probation and was wanted as a suspect in the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man.

ICE shooting protest2
(credit: Stephanie Davis/WWJ)

[ICE Officer 'Faced With A Threat' Fatally Shoots 20-Year-Old Man In Detroit]

Police said Kellom wielded a weapon, reportedly a hammer, as he threatened the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officer who opened fire — but family members who were inside the home dispute that claim.

"He had officers in front of him, he had officers in the back of him," Kellom's father, Kevin Kellom, told WWJ's Stephanie Davis. "At what point did he grab a hammer? And, if that's the case, they're that close to him... Why not grab him?"

"Every time you come in contact with a young black man, (does) it have to result in death?"

ICE shooting protesters
Kevin Kellom, father of Terrence Kellom -- center in gray. (credit: Stephanie Davis/WWJ)

Kevin Kellom said he watched as his son was shot twice in the chest before "eight more shots rang out."

"They executed my son in my face. My son died with a clenched fist, no hammer. My son reached for me and got shot," he said. "I want justice, I'm gonna get justice. I promised him that, and I'm promising his mother that. I'm not gonna stop until I get justice for my son."

There were several Detroit police officers at the scene of Tuesday's demonstration, ushering protesters as they marched down the street.

Many carried signs that read: "Black Lives Matter."

When up to a dozen protesters lay down in the intersection, blocking traffic, one cop took to the bullhorn with a warning.

"You are in violation of the law. Stay on the sidewalk, stay on the sidewalk, and you will not be placed in custody," the officer said.

Minutes later, a Detroit police bus arrived and the crowd began to move off the street. Dozens of protesters remained at the scene after 7 p.m., although traffic was moving again at Chicago and Evergreen.

There were no arrests.

A Detroit police investigation of Terrence Kellom's death continues.

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