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Detroit rally in support of Ukraine following children's hospital attack

Supporters of Ukraine rally in downtown Detroit
Supporters of Ukraine rally in downtown Detroit 02:18

(CBS DETROIT) - Supporters of Ukraine rallied in Detroit on Monday, after a Russian airstrike targeted a Ukrainian children's hospital.

Monday's attack was the deadliest in months. Dozens of Russian missiles were fired in broad daylight, targeting cities across Ukraine. The impacts have been felt in Detroit.

"It hurts my heart. Every day, every morning, every evening. I do have my relatives back in Ukraine," said Oksana Klotchkov.

Klotchkov and dozens of others gathered in Hart Plaza to stand together in their grief. 

"It is every American's business. Even though they are thinking there's an ocean between us. No, there is no ocean between us," she said. 

According to Ukrainian officials, more than 30 people were killed and more than 100 wounded across the country in Monday's airstrikes. One of the targets was this children's hospital in Kyiv, where rescuers searched through the rubble for survivors 

"In a war, whether it's right or wrong, soldiers die and that's a tragedy of itself. But to target a children's hospital with no military or logistical targets anywhere nearby. It doesn't make any sense," said Andrew Powers with the Ukrainian American Crisis Response Committee.

Powers said there are about 50,000 Ukrainian Americans in the Detroit area. Many at the rally want more to be done to support their loved ones back home. 

"I'm from Kyiv myself. And I remember this facility. I went with my daughter there," said Alla Gushcha. "A lot of Americans when I say this they say, 'Oh we are sorry.' And I understand they are very kind people, they are sorry. But it is not enough."

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