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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 8/29

This week's playlist is devoted to the punk rock, post-hardcore-loving fans out there. We picked songs that make you angry, make you sad, nostalgic or just plain empty inside.

We couldn't miss out on the genre that brought us so far in our crummy, adolescent lives. So we decided to dedicate a whole playlist to some Detroit artists recreating and expanding upon those genres in their own way.

We've got some good ones, so check 'em out below!

1. Man Mountain - "To Be Made As New"

Man Mountain
(credit: Will Hough Design)

Man Mountain's 2015 single "To Be Made As New" is a post-rock, instrumental track, filled to the brim with melodic, echoing guitar and rhythmic drums beats intertwined to create a beautiful soundscape that seems motivating in nature. Aside from the title of the track, the progression of the song itself is uplifting and inspirational. No detail is forgotten and you will be mesmerized by the epicness of their instrumentation. It's an entrancing musical journey that speaks to the listener and opens up a sea of possibility when interpreting its meaning.

2. Oakhill - "The House You Grew Up In


Oakhill's 2015 debut album, The Waiting Place, is a 10-track coming of age journey with angsty lyricism, swooning harmonies and nostalgic instrumentation from the days of your favorite post-hardcore bands. Their style goes beyond the genre of what some might assume is emocore and takes a much more melodic approach with mature themes and train of thought. The guitar work throughout the album creates a dynamic of tension and release, which makes each song unique and non-repetitive. It's raw emotion and perfectly executed instrumentation that will transport you to that place where music is used to better understand life and the often times messed-up experiences that come with it.

3. Novara - "Cynosure"

(credit: Brandan Lee Keller)

Alternative rock group Novara just released their debut single, "Cynosure," earlier this month and it's quite the treat. The female-fronted band explodes with punching guitar licks, bright percussion and powerhouse vocals pushed to the forefront. There's melodic piano accompaniment that softens the hardness and creates an emotional appeal. The track is a balancing act of hardcore rock with post-hardcore sensibility and they've definitely nailed it.

4. Broke - "I'm Not Mad, I'm Just…"


Loud and rowdy is the name of the game for punk rock band Broke. Their single "I'm Not Mad, I'm Just…" is a fury of straight up loud noise. Punchy guitars, off the wall drums and ferocious vocals that hold nothing back. Everything about this track is loud and unrelenting, which is exactly how we like our punk. Their lyrics are catchy and make you want to sing along, especially during the chanting chorus. You'll really want to throw down listening to this track.

5. Due North - "As The Mercury Falls"

Due North

Throwing it back to 2014, Due North released their album Saving Daylight, a 12-track anthemic jam that's full of catchy rock n' roll and soft-punk. Their sound is explosive and energetic, which makes you want to sing and dance along the minute you hear those guitars hammering away. The vocals give the album a rough quality that works well with the instrumentation and really brings their sound full-circle. It's rough, melodic, precise and full of life. We love counteractive elements in music because it really makes the sound unique, and that's what Due North has brought to the table.

6. The Lowcocks - "Purple Hair"

The Lowcocks

A female-fronted punk band, The Lowcocks bring some fast-paced rock to the scene with that traditional mosh-feel. Everything is on hyperdrive and in your face. The guitars are fast and the vocals are even faster. Ruthless and intense, these these guys don't hold anything back, and each track is harder than the last. The female vocals are always refreshing to the ear and give it a passionate grit that drives the song deep into your earholes.

7. Make Your Move - "Something You'll Remember"

Make Your Move

City Lights & Summer Nights was released in the depths of summer 2015 (how appropriate!) and it's a perfect pop punk for those days when there was nothing to do but chase love interests and bask in the rays. It's nostalgic and familiar with a modern twist featuring accelerated double kick drums, bullish bass runs and hammering guitars. The vocals are youthful, the lyrics are easily relatable and the energy of the album is infectious. This album is a great ode to the beautiful days of sunshine, and we recommend you use your last few weeks of summer to put it to good use.

8. Alchemists - "Bloom"


Indie, post-hardcore group Alchemists released their debut album, Bloom, in November of 2015 and it's a noisy, emotional listen with heavy drums and raw vocals. The lyricism is cynical and dark, but the music changes tune as you cruise through the album. There are elements of pop punk and melodic indie that make for a flattering dynamic. If you're looking for an angsty listen, these guys are definitely for you.

9. The Vulnerable - "Obsessing"

The Vulnerable

These guys may be no longer, but their ferocious ska-core will forever live on. "Is There Acceptance?" is a full-blown punk rock machine with blood-curdling vocals, quick drums and fuzzy guitars jamming away to the slapping bass. Their lyrics are like PSAs for humanity about acceptance, struggle and reality. They don't hold anything back, it's unabashed originality that is so easy to pick up on in their tracks. It's a stance against the slow progress our society has made towards accepting those in the LGBTQ community and the fear and misunderstanding that comes with it. It's a musical stance and a genuine self-expression that makes their songs so powerful. Don't forget all that grungy noise though, it really drives the point home.

10. K9 Sniffies - "Ultimate Tugboat"

K9 Sniffies

If you like your music loud and frantic, well, let us introduce you to K9 Sniffies. Their recent release, Master's Touch, is some of the thickest garage punk rock we've heard in awhile and it's uber enjoyable when you just don't want to think about...well, anything. The cymbals crash incessantly, the guitars rage and the bass is deep and ominous. It's not all fast-paced craziness though, K9 Sniffies throw a few slower and more melodic tracks in there to give you a breather before diving into another whirlwind of chaos. The vocals hang back in the same way they would during a live performance, making you feel like you're there in the room jamming away. We like every track on this album and would put it on our highly recommended list.

Have recommendations for future playlists? Let us know in the comment section below!

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