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Detroit Proud Playlist: Week of 7/25 - BFF Fest Edition!

We can't think of anything better than bringing our diverse community together around the passions of artistry and self-expression. Enter the 3rd Annual BFF Fest: a weekend-long festival celebrating what makes Detroit so diverse, eccentric, inspiring and welcoming. This weekend, Seraphine Collective is hosting a three-day, indoor/outdoor extravaganza with music, art, workshops and a pizza brunch/clothing swap to top it all off. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the El Club website, and individual ($12) along with 2-day passes ($20) are available (but there are only 100 passes, so don't wait!).

Seraphine Collective will also be collecting donations for Alternatives For Girls. Feel free to provide hygiene items, gift cards, craft supplies, women's socks, bras, non-perishable food items, etc.

Promoting local music is an inspiring way to give back to the artists and community, but Seraphine Collective takes it a step further by curating an event that is inclusive and diverse. The focus is to create a safe space where underrepresented artists and musicians from all walks of life are encouraged to share their truth and honest self-expression without fear of judgement, discrimination or oppression. BFF Fest is an event that makes artists and performers from often discounted groups (such as females, LGBTQIA and people of color) a priority and celebrates the independent and progressive nature of those groups.

There's a little something for everyone at this year's BFF Fest with introspective workshops like: deep listening, ending street harassment and self-exploration, and more laid-back ones involving hoop dancing and zine making.

Music festivals are always fun and entertaining, but if you look a little deeper, there's a larger message cast like an umbrella over the entirety of it. It's about inclusiveness, togetherness and acceptance of others through the power of self-expression and art. Detroit is a diverse city and events like this remind us that even in the midst of our differences, we are very much the same.

Some of the artists you can find at this year's festival are below! So make sure to take the time to listen to their work and get your buns out to BFF Fest this weekend so you can catch all of the great music, art and community!

Friday, July 29th

1. Protomartyr - "I Forgive You"


2. Casual Sweetheart - "Boblo Dreamboat"

Casual Sweetheart

3. Bevlove - "Do What I Say"


4. AM People - "Hope You're Happy"

AM People


Saturday, July 30th

5. White Mystery - "Best Friend" (Chicago, IL)

White Mystery

6. Stef Chura - "Faded Heart"

Stef Chura

7. Best Exes- "Friends"

Best Exes
(credit: )

8. Junk Food Junkies - "Hamtramck Ice Cream Truck"

Junk Food Junkies

9. Bonny Doon - "Hanging Around My Door"

Bonny Doon

10. W R Ѧ I T H S - "Word"

(credit: W R Ѧ I T H S)
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