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Detroit Proud Playlist: Dally In The Alley

Let me ask you a question. Where else in the world can you experience an entire day of music, art, sight, and sound that the city of Detroit has to offer…all in one alley way? Answer, nowhere. Dally in the Alley (this Saturday, September 7th!) is a time-honored sacred communal event that we partake in year after year, as an homage to the incredible and ever-growing artistic community we all respect. With a line-up that changes every year, it's the go-to event of the summer to discover your new favorite local headliner or underground group. Enter, Dally in the Alley.

This week's Playlist offers a small sampling of the talented artists hitting the stages at Saturday's Dally in the Alley - check out these tracks by some of the local acts you can see at this year's Dally!

11:15am – Ch'i Machines – "In The Garden" 

Starting off the playlist is the ethereal daydream from Ch'i Machines. With a combination of electronic and indie folk acoustic instrumentation, the music seems to flourish from deep within a secret garden of the Romantic period of art. Start your Dally 2019 experience off the right way with the Garden Stage at 11:15am.


12:15pm - BAVE – "Parallels" 

Don't move too far, because BAVE takes the Garden Stage next with their self-proclaimed "scary jazz" math rock fusion. With prog-fusion encompassing a variety of key changes, encapsulating beats, and enough time changes to keep you guessing, the Cass Corridor will be grooving to the ingenious sounds of David Thoel and Ben Zaproski.


1pm – Warhorses – "Neverland" 

It's loud, it's dense, it's full of raw untamed rock. Warhorses build a hazy sound steeped in the pillars of psychedelic space, heavy metal muscle, and 80's synth pop. Every component is clearly defined and ambiguous all in the same calculated breath. Need something to keep your electric buzz burning? Warhorses has got you covered.


3:30pm – Jack Oats – "Look Good" 

Jack Oats pack a punch with a Detroit-garage sound that feels right at home with the city's musical roots. Think buzzing amplifiers and crowds of Converse and leather jackets. Forest Stage at 3:30pm? We'll see you there.


4:15pm – Copper Thieves - "Lemon Fruit" 

Copper Thieves hit the Garden Stage around 4:15pm, drawing from a sound made for vinyl. There's an intoxicating grit that feels like it should be spinning around a hand-crafted record, complete with good friends and drinks to get the evening started the right way.


5:30pm – Dani Darling – "Vinyl Nites + Violet Lights" 

As the evening starts to blend into copper shades of sunlight, Dani Darling echo the tranquil passing of daylight to dusk with a harmony-laden sound that calls on the freestyling cortex of the mind. It's as if tempo takes a break and makes peace with harmony-drenched melody in an unexpected sound.


8:30pm – Strictly Fine – "The Worm" 

We made it to the evening fun – Dally is in full swing and the night is young. Enter the soul-jazz-funk-stylings of Strictly Fine. Drawing on a myriad of musical influences, the group is drenched in fun. If you aren't moving your feet, you aren't at the Forest Stage.


9:15pm – Light Scene Factory – "Runaway" 

Looking for that perfect way to cap off your Dally evening? Light Scene Factory calls upon a sun-drenched coastal sound that will make you feel like you're driving down the California Coast without a destination in sight. It's upbeat, melodic, shimmering, and caramel-esque with a vintage techno sound. Take it all in and soak up every bit that Dally has to offer.


For the full music line-up, click HERE! We'll see YOU at Dally in the Alley!

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