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Detroit police investigate allegations of excessive force

Detroit police investigate allegations of excessive force
Detroit police investigate allegations of excessive force 02:19

(CBS DETROIT) - Allegations of excessive force surround the Detroit Police Department after a recent incident.

A video that's been viewed over 20,000 times on Facebook has many questioning whether DPD's response was warranted. 

According to family members of the man arrested, they believe their loved one was violated. 

"He [officer] was trying to attack us as well. You know what I'm saying, so where is the line drawn between helping and trying to survive," said Alex Johnson, cousin of the man arrested.

On Monday, Detroit police were doing routine patrolling on the city's east side. Police say they spotted a man who had a device to jimmy a car door open. Police tell CBS News Detroit at that point, authorities asked the man's name.

After the individual declined, authorities attempted to detain him.

"It appeared that a crime was being committed, which led them to an investigation which led to this incident," said Deputy Chief Melissa Gardner.

All the while, a video was being recorded on Facebook, showing bystanders attempting to defend the man as authorities arrest him.

Johnson said the man arrested had actually locked his keys in his car and was trying to open the door.

"Everybody is mentally messed up from this incident. My cousin doesn't even want to be outside. He doesn't want to move unless somebody is next to him," Johnson said.

Police tell us the man arrested is no longer facing charges. They also said that two officers involved were placed on administrative duties.

"You have cops and stuff that have issues too. Maybe they need to start seeing where their mental state at before they give these dudes these jobs," Johnson said.

The man arrested is expected to be OK. He's recovering in the hospital. They also say before the incident got out of control, they told police that the man did, in fact, lock his keys in the car.

As for the two officers, police are combing through all social media video and body camera footage to determine whether disciplinary actions need to be taken.

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