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Dearborn Woman Trades Twitter Handle For Bottled Water For Flint

DEARBORN (WWJ) - A Dearborn woman is making headlines after trading her Twitter handle for something much more meaningful.

Diana Hussein, 29, decided on the handle @DietDrPepper when signing up for the social media site while drinking a can of the zero-calorie pop back in 2009.

The soda company just recently reached out to Hussein, asking her to trade the handle for promotional items.

But the Dearborn woman had a different idea: She would give them the name if the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group distributed bottled water to Flint residents affected by the lead-tainted water crisis.

"I actually didn't initially envision that I would end up having the opportunity to turn (the Twitter handle situation) into something like a contribution for Flint," she told WWJ's Zahra Huber.  "But once I realized that there was that opportunity, I definitely was going to go with that over swag."

"I really was passionate, and that's why I was kinda throwing around the idea of finding a way to help Flint," Hussein said. "I'd donated like a hundred bucks, and I felt like, well, I gotta do something more."

Dr. Pepper was receptive to the idea and delivered more than 41,000 DejaBlue-brand bottles to Flint. Hussein hopes others will also step up and help the city's residents in need.

[For information about how you can help, visit this link].

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