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Cyberoptix Tie Lab Owner's Mission Is To Get Rid Of Your Bad Ties

Hate to dress up? Cyberoptix Tie Lab wants to help with that.

Set up on the second floor of an old furniture warehouse, they're cranking out custom screenprinted neckties, bow ties and scarves with a local flair.

"Ties that don't suck," is one of their mottos. "It's our duty to get rid of your bad ties," said owner Bethany Shorb.

Originally from New York, Shorb moved to Detroit 16 years ago and studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Art developing her aesthetic. She had every intention of returning to her hometown upon graduation, but it turns out the Motor City wasn't done with her.

"I didn't start off to be a tie baroness. I was working on a practice piece of fabric and a tie kind of happened," said Shorb.

Why choose to start a business in Detroit? Shorb gets a lot of her inspiration from the transformation of the city and the mixture of old and new. "It's been an incredibly fruitful place to start a business," she explained.

On the city's financial trouble and the future of the community she has a realistic, but optimistic outlook. Admitting that there are real problems leaders and residents need to address she keeps her focus forward, "... people on the ground working and trying their best and trying hard are going to help this place out."

Catering to the hip professional business crowd making a resurgence in the city, Shorb opened Cyberoptix Tie Lab. The items are sold at Eastern Market as well as online.

The ties have a global appeal. They've shipped merchandise to all seven continents including Antarctica.

Visit their website to peruse the selection.

This feature is part of CBS 62's Eye On Detroit series as seen weekdays during "CBS This Morning".

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