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Could The Lions Be Wearing Red Uniforms This Season? [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

The almighty NFL color rush uniforms are the only thing Lions fans seem to care about now that the big question has been answered about whether the team will have cheerleaders this season.

In March, Lions TE Eric Ebron teased that the he has seen the new uniforms the team will wear at some point this season. His tweet is now starting to make a little more sense if you believe what you read on Twitter.

A Twitter account called @NFL_Leaks was tweeting out the colors of the uniforms that each team will wear for what the league is calling "color rush" uniforms.

The account says the Lions will be wearing red uniforms. Yes, red. So I had to google to see if the Detroit Lions ever wore red uniforms and they have indeed worn them before. In 1948, the team wore a red and black uniform.

Ebron did say in his tweet he knows the "new" uniforms colors. The key word in that tweet being "new."

If the Detroit Lions, who classically wear Honolulu blue and silver uniforms, did wear red and black would you be a fan of this? I'm not sure if I buy this, but it is really intriguing.

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