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Connect Michigan Unveils New Broadband Mapping Tool

LANSING -- Connect Michigan Monday unveiled an innovative new broadband mapping tool offering unmatched views of Michigan's technology landscape.

The mapping tool, called My ConnectView, is a valuable tool for consumers, policy makers, Internet providers, and planning teams working to increase broadband access, adoption, and use in communities across the state and nation.

"Data on broadband availability is critical to efforts to expand access, adoption, and use across the state," said Eric Frederick, Connect Michigan state program manager. "Local data and maps are leading to several projects to expand broadband as more and more communities work with Connect Michigan through the Connected community certification program."

My ConnectView, developed by Connected Nation, Connect Michigan's parent organization, replaces the previous mapping tool and is faster and easier to use; features more interactive data layers and additional tools to explore data; and allows users to e-mail, print, and send feedback on custom maps.

By offering unprecedented views of unserved and underserved areas of Michigan, My ConnectView will help drive economic development planning centered around broadband technology expansion efforts in Michigan.

Connect Michigan has just completed its fifth round of broadband data updates to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration. The data, gathered as part of the State Broadband Initiative program, is used to populate the National Broadband Map.

"Michigan broadband planners are able to use this valuable mapping tool to assist in the decision making process to more effectively plan for Michigan's future broadband needs," says Robin Ancona of the Michigan Public Service Commission staff.

The new maps are online and can be accessed under the learn tab on the Connect Michigan Web site.

Citizens and providers are urged to help Connect Michigan verify the information presented and to contact us if they can't get access to broadband. Connect Michigan uses such feedback to ensure the maps are accurate and to reach out to providers and community leaders to promote broadband expansion into unserved and underserved areas of Michigan.

As the designated entity for broadband mapping and planning in the state of Michigan, ConnectMichigan is a public-private partnership between the Michigan Public Service Commission and Connected Nation to unite local governments, businesses, andcitizens in the goal of increasing broadband service in the state's underserved areas. For more information about what Connect Michigan is doing to accelerate technology in Michigan's communities, visit

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