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Concert Of Colors Artist Spotlight: Tarik Al-Kadhim

Kristy Stanford CBS62/CW50 Intern

Do you enjoy music that allows you to feel free and independent? Meet Tarik Al-Kadhim from the band 'Compact Deity,' one of the acts featured at this year's Concert of Colors.  Read more on how he expresses his freedom through music.

Tell me about the music you play.
We're not dedicated to a specific genre because we're totally independent.  That means we're free to do as we please.  I think we occupy a unique space between rock, shoegaze, post-punk, punk, metal, industrial, psychedelic, blues, Mid-Eastern music, and whatever else catches our fancy.  We experiment with a variety of sounds while remaining a rock band.

What do you expect performing at the Concert of Colors?
This is our first time performing at the Concert of Colors.  We love the idea of being part of a diversity festival.  It's a good fit since Compact Deity is also diverse.  It's an honor to be involved.  We expect to rock.

Who are your musical influences in Detroit?
Detroit-wise, I'm a fan of Iggy and the Stooges, MC5, Alice Cooper and Big Chief.

Who has been your biggest supporter(s) over the years?
As far as listenership is concerned, we've mainly attracted people in parts of Europe like Sweden, Norway and Denmark.  We also have listeners in Germany and the Netherlands.

What inspires your creativity?
I follow my instincts and put the time into searching for things I will like.  Song ideas are like radio signals that are received inside my head without regard for time of day or night.  They show up and demand to be written.

What type of message do you want your music to send?
I describe the world as I have experienced it.  I've always been a reader and writer.  I spend a lot of time on lyrics.  The messages vary by song and can be coded in the subtext.  I just don't do simple and straightforward.

How has music changed your life?
It IS my life.

Five years from now, where do you see yourself musically?
I'll be doing the same thing with more grey hair and another album to my credit.

What advice would you give to beginner artists?
Don't measure your worth as an artist by your potential for record deals.
Don't fool yourself into thinking that the music industry could ever be the source for a sustainable career.  Get an education with the goal of securing a profession that pays well.  Then, finance your creative pursuits on your own.  Don't sell your soul.  Do things your way and be determined.  You'll be much better off.

Check out Tarik Al-Kadhim of the band 'Compact Deity' performing at the Concert of Colors on Sunday, July17 at 2 p.m. on the Comerica Diversity Stage at the Max M. Fisher Music Center.  For more information visit the Concert of Colors official site.

Kristy Stanford is a Media Personality and Motivational Speaker. She is a recent graduate of Eastern Michigan University, where she studied in Electronic Media Film Studies and Comprehensive Communication. She enjoys doing interviews with different brands and businesses for her website Kristy also is an inspirational blogger and does photography and event hosting on the side.

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