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Christensen's Plant Center Impacted By Pandemic, Now Permitted To Supply Landscapers With Necessary Equipment

Southfield (CW50) - When the Stay-At-Home order led to the banning of landscaping services, Christensen's Plant Center lost a big part of their business that usually supplies landscapers with plants and necessary equipment.

As landscaping companies are now permitted to continue business, Christensen's can begin working on the busiest season of the year. However, a portion of that season has already passed, and a significant amount of revenue has been lost by the gardening/landscaping industry.

Christensen's Plant Center Entrance. (Photo Courtesy of Christensen's)

Eric Joy, Sales Manager of Christensen's Plant Center, joins Lisa Germani on COMMUNITY CONNECT to talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses, and Christensen's has adapted to the change.

Eric Joy
Eric Joy, Sales Manager for Christensen's Plant Center.

Watch Eric Joy on COMMUNITY CONNECTSaturday at 8:30am on CW50

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