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Chief White Says 'There's Reason To Believe' Remains Found In Detroit Belong to Missing Mother Latima Warren

(CBS DETROIT) – Detroit Police Chief James White says human remains found at a home on the 8000 block of Vaughn likely belong to Latima Warren.

Chief White made the announcement Wednesday during a press conference at DPD headquarters.

He said the human remains found have not yet been confirmed to be Latima Warren, however there is reason to believe that the remains do belong to Ms. Warren.

Commander Michael McGinnis gave an update on the investigation as well.

He explained that officers responded to the missing persons call on January 7, 2022 and did not find anything.

Officers returned with a search warrant on Monday, January 17, 2022, conducted another search and discovered the human remains.

According to police, Warren's 44-year-old boyfriend, who is also the father of her three-month-old newborn, was at the house during the search.

He was taken into custody.

The discovery was made following a community search lead by Minister Malik Shabazz.

Upon canvassing the outside of the home for clues, Shabazz says he saw what appeared to be a disturbed plot of dirt in the backyard along with Warren's clothes.

That's when police were called.

Gwen Parks is the grandmother of Warren's three older children.

Parks told CW50's Cryss Walker she believes the remains belong to the missing mother of four.

According to Detroit Police, Warren was last seen leaving her home on Vaughn December 20, 2021.


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