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'Don Cheadle Is A True Actor In Every Sense Of The Word': Casey Wilson & Paul Scheer Preview Season 3 Of Showtime's 'Black Monday'

(CBS Local)-- Need a new TV show to watch? Showtime has you covered with the return of its half hour comedy "Black Monday." The series stars Don Cheadle, Regina Hall, Paul Scheer, Casey Wilson and Andrew Rannells and is executive produced by Seth Rogen. "Black Monday" takes a look back at the stock market crash of 1987 and uses comedy to show just how wild and wacky the 1980s were.

CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith caught up with Scheer and Wilson to preview the new season, share what it is like working with Cheadle and discuss why this show works so well.

"It's been great and we've been filming for a bit. Obviously, it's wild to be filming during COVID, but we luckily haven't had any problems," said Wilson. "We've still managed to create such a funny, great show. I'm so excited for everyone to see the new season. It is so hard funny and it has so many jokes and laughs. It's such a weird, great tone. It is part murder mystery and part romance. It is so funny and out there and I want everyone to watch."

"One of the cool things about this show is all the directions it can take," said Scheer. "Like Casey was saying, the show has really hard jokes, but the stakes are important. The characters actually grow and are hurt. When things happen, they mean something. That's really fun. The whole runner of this season is people trying to start a second life. What's their next chapter, but the past is creeping in."

Wilson and Scheer say that bodies will be dropping in season three and unlikely pairs will be forming. A lot has transpired for the cast and crew since the show first went on the air in 2019. Season two came out right before the pandemic hit and now season three returns with the pandemic hopefully winding down. It has been a journey for everyone involved and Wilson and Scheer are both thankful they've shared this experience with Cheadle.

"My husband [David Caspe] is one of the creators of the show along with Jordan Cahan, so I remember this script existed like 10 years ago," said Wilson. "It's been such an evolution to see it. I've personally gotten to change hair styles. I've enjoyed playing such a wild character who is abusive physically and emotionally. I get to play someone off the walls and the show has morphed from just being about Wall Street. I'm just hoping to get comedy back in front of people that will be welcomed after this hard year."

"What I love about Don is that he is just a true actor in the sense of the term and he really wants to inhabit this character," said Scheer. "You feel like he is not making any false moves. I think in that first season we were all like let's let Don lead it. What has been so fun is that that quickly erodes and he really wants everyone to have a looseness and a freshness and a fun."

"Black Monday" returns on Sunday, May 23 at 10pm EST/PST and stream seasons one and two right now on the Showtime app.

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