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Boutique In Detroit Shelter Offers Items To Women In Need At No Cost

(CBS DETROIT) - A one stop shop for women in need is right here on Detroit's west side where you can find anything from food, to housing and clothes all at no costs.

Bountiful Blessings is a transitional home in the Boston-Edison District.

"I get women that come here off the street," said Michelle Robison of Bountiful Blessings.

"They come here with kids."

In the basement of the home, there's something special.

"We have a office number that you can call, you can set-up an appointment, you can drop-off, you can shop. You can come here and get some food," Robinson said.

The shop is open Tuesdays and Thursday from noon to 4pm and you don't have to bring a dime.

Since 2011 the group has been helping at-risk families and working to become a premiere agency advocating for women.

"I started doing this because of my past of where I come from," Robinson said.

"I've come from a dark place. You know, everything that could've been done to a woman was done to me. So my promise was when I was out there couldn't eat and couldn't sleep and no one would help me and I'm sleeping in garages and stuff like that and I said, God if you ever put me in a position where I can help somebody, then I'm going to help them."

The group is also looking for donations to keep the mission going.

"A lot of people need help. I try to remain humble, not judgmental from people's story because a lot of people don't want to talk about it," Robinson explained.

Donations to the group can be dropped off at the location on Calvert and LaSalle every Saturday.

For more information on services call 313-733-6265.


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