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Bank Exec.'s Death Still A Mystery

Still no cause of death determined for Macomb County banker David Widlak, whose body was in Lake St. Clair.

Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel says duck hunters were bringing their boat in Sunday night when they spotted the body in shallow waters near Jefferson and Shook roads.

Dental records confirmed the body was that of 62-year-old Widlak, who had been missing since last month.

Hackle said an autopsy Monday was inconclusive, showing no signs blunt force trauma and no obvious cause of death.  They'll have to wait three or four weeks for a toxicology report to come back to determine what may or may not have been in Widlak's system at the time of his death.

Hackle said procedure has officials treating this as a homicide, but there's no strong evidence of either suicide or foul play.  So far, no weapon has been found.

"We're still stuck in that quandary of trying to figure out exactly what was the cause of death and manner of death, as well as who did it -- whether it was self-inflicted or someone did that harm to him. But, nothing from anyone would give us any indication that one or the other would be the actual theory of choice at this time," Hackle said.

"Nobody ever thought he would bring harm to himself or anybody was trying to harm him," Hackel said. "There was always speculation based upon the difficulties of the bank or people not happy with him that would lead you to believe 'Okay he wanted to harm himself or somebody wanted to harm him.'"

Speaking with reporters earlier Monday, Hackle talked about how the body was discovered. "As they were coming in, they saw what they believed to be a body in the water - approximately three-to-four feet out from shore - in about one-to-two feet of water. When we sent out our divers ... we were able to identify it to be a white male matching the descriptions of David Widlak. We were able to go into the water and retrieve the body. When bringing him in, there were numerous ... personal items that would make us believe that it is, in fact, David Allen Widlak," Hackel said.

Hackel said they're still looking for a hat and a coat that Widlak may have had at the time he was last seen, along with a "fannypack."  The body was found with Widlak's wallet with cash and personal ID, along with a ring and a cell phone.

Hackel said the body would not have been visible from the road. "It is quite probable he has been there for the entire length of time we were looking for him,'' Hackel said.

Members of the Macomb County Dive searched in an inlet area next to as well as a boat ramp and surrounding vegetation for any possible evidence that would lead them closer to the facts. An aerial search with a chopper was also initiated.

Hackle said he has spoken to Widlak's wife, Anne, and while it wasn't the outcome she had hoped for, she's "thankful to know he's been located.''

Widlak, who according to a company website was responsible for three divisions of the Mount Clemens-based Community Central Bank Corp., was last was seen at the company's administrative offices Sept. 19. His car was in the parking lot when a maintenance worker found the offices in disarray the following morning.

The body was found less than five miles from the building where Widlak was last seen.

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