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BOA and CVS Team-Up to Provide Free Flu Shot Vouchers

With all the talk about Covid-19 vaccines, many families are being reminded about another shot that could save lives.

Flu season is upon us and CVS is teaming up with Bank of America to help Metro-Detroit families get the seasonal shot for free.

Vouchers are available to people in underserved communities to help bridge the gap in health disparities.

They can be picked-up from Cots, FOCUS: Hope, United Way, Alternatives for Girls and SER Metro-Detroit.

You can also request a voucher be at participating CVS locations.

Organizers say the effort is part of an ongoing commitment to assist families who may not have full access to healthcare.

"As we can see the weather change, we know it's not just allergies but actually colds and flu that will affect us and put us down for a couple days from feeling great or at our best," said Tiffany Douglas, Bank of America market executive.

"We want to preclude that. So, working without non-profits to help deliver this to communities that sometimes go over-looked, we know that that is a really, it's a tremendous opportunity for us to be able to support those communities," she continued.

The vouchers are available until March 2022.

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