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Best Food Destinations In Detroit Locals Love

Eastern Market

There are places to eat and then there are destinations where you will find foods that you never imagined. Plan on exploring some of these food destinations in the area to get in the know on what locals crave.

Detroit's Eastern Market
2934 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48297
(313) 833-9300

At the Eastern Market, you will find fruits, vegetables and other fresh and great edibles in the stalls of the market, but along with all of this are some great places to grab a bite to eat. From outdoor barbecued ribs in the summer to sit-down restaurants and delis, you will not go home hungry when you stop to shop and grab a bite to eat. Be a bit adventurous and head back and try each restaurant.

East Dearborn
Warren Ave. between Miller and Greenfield Roads
Dearborn, MI

Dearborn has one of the largest populations of Middle Eastern people outside of the Middle East and this means there's great food to be found almost everywhere. Sure there are the places in the west end of the city, but if you are looking for the first and most authentic restaurants tot he area, then head to the east. Up and down Warren Avenue there are restaurants that range from small diners to elaborately decorated eateries.

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13007 W. Warren Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 582-4849

If you are looking for authentic Arab cuisine to enjoy with the family, head to Cedarland. The prices are fair and the service is as it is at all of the Middle Eastern restaurants, excellent. Upon first sitting down, a server will bring over lentil soup, a plate of pickled delights and a basket of pita bread. And this is before you even order your meal. There are too many good things to say about Cedarland. Try it for yourself and embrace one of the best eateries in the Metro.

Shatila Bakery
14300 W Warren Ave.
Dearborn, MI 48126
(313) 934-1520

When you walk into Shatila Bakery, the first thing you will see is a beautiful lobby with palm trees, a waterfall cascading down a wall and case after case of desserts that will make a dessert lover go mad. There is every variety of Middle Eastern dessert you have ever heard of and some you have not, and they are all unbelievably good. Then there are the cakes, pastries, fresh fruit smoothies and the homemade ice cream that is consistently rated as one of the top ice creams to be found in the area. Stopping here is not just a place to go for dessert, it is an adventure.

Roma Cafe
3401 Riopelle
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 831-5940

So you have looked over what the vendors have to offer at the Eastern Market and now you feel like a bit of Italian food, well you are in luck. Roma Cafe is just down the street from the Market. From appetizers like fresh mozzarella and tomatoes with olive oil, to baked cannelloni or veal scaloppine, you can find authentic Italian meals at reasonable prices. If you are lucky enough to be at the restaurant during hockey season, you may find many of the players and coaches from the Detroit Red Wings having something to eat. It is the team's favorite place to head after practice days.

Russell Street Deli
2465 Russell St.
Detroit, MI 48207
(313) 567-2900

Located on the corner of Russell and Napoleon streets, this deli is a destination for some of the most interesting meals you've ever seen. From the house-made salmon burger with locally grown tomatoes, lettuce and dill mayo all on a freshly toasted onion roll to a wide variety of soups, you will find something that will more than satisfy your taste buds. If you are at the market early, the deli is now serving breakfast and there is a complete carryout menu available. Just be aware that seating is limited and the deli is popular, so be prepared to wait a bit. Apparently Garrison Keillor did when he was in Detroit and was happy enough to let everyone know about the deli on his radio show "Prairie Home Companion."

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Award winning freelance writer and photographer Lawrence DiVizio is based in Southeast Michigan and works to convey in words and images the world around us. His work can be found at

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