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Best Detroit Artists To Buy From This Holiday Season

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Detroit has become a city filled with an exciting community of artists. There is a never-ending supply of talent that can literally be found on the streets, at galleries and in shops located around the city. Below is a brief selection of some of Detroit's best artists who sell unique wares. Shoppers can find their work at boutiques, museum stores and retail spaces throughout the Detroit Metro region. In addition, most artists sell their creation online via their own websites.

"Drawing Detroit" | Ben Bunk
Books can be ordered directly from the artist here.

"Drawing Detroit," a modern coloring book illustrated by Ben Bunk, is a collection of city scenes drawn in a fresh, linear style. The 30 pages provide a visual representation of his artistic journey -- a sojourn which begins on the east side and stretches to cover southwest Detroit. The stark renderings convey a playful aesthetic that successfully manages to capture his perception of the streets and buildings of Detroit. His distinct perspective allows viewers to experience the urban landscape in a new way. The first edition of 100 books was painstakingly printed and hand-bound by Ben himself in his Detroit-based home studio.

Cyberoptix Tie Lab | Bethany Shorb
To order neckwear directly from the artist, click here.

Bethany Shorb is the artist behind Cyberoptix Tie Lab. The edgy ties, produced in her studio since 2005, are trendsetting. Ms. Shorb single-handedly changed the perception that ties are boring. She has proved they are anything but. Cyberoptix carries an extreme range of colors, fit for any occasion, as well as a catalogue of ever-expanding designs that are updated frequently. The entire line of neckwear is created by the artist herself, and has grown to include bow ties and scarves. Each tie is hand-silkscreened by Bethany in her historic downtown studio. Premium gift boxes and gift certificates are available.

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White Owl | Christina and Courtney Spivak
Jewelry can be ordered directly from the artist here.

Christina and Courtney Spivak are jewelry designers who share the ultra special bond of being sisters. White Owl was formed in 2007, when they began selling their unique brand of lace jewelry on the indie craft fair circuit. Their designs include necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Each piece is created using material sourced from estate sales, flea markets and from their grandmother's collection. Their focus lies on repurposed and vintage elements, although sometimes they introduce new materials into the mix. Pieces are created by hand and can be individually dyed to suit your preferences.

Furnace Design Studio | Michelle Plucinsky and Chris Nordin
Glass art can be ordered directly from the artist here.

Michelle Plucinsky and Chris Nordin create stunning glass art at Furnace Design Studio in Metro Detroit. Marrying 50's themes to a notable Venetian style gives their pieces a stylistically unique look that sets them apart from other glass artists. It takes an extensive amount of talent to produce glass of this exceptional quality, in addition to years of serious training. Each individual piece is truly a work of art. The expansive workspace includes a gallery space which is used to showcase items available for purchase such as statement jewelry, mugs, sparkling decorative ornaments, paperweights, whimsical flower magnets and vases. If you are looking for a one-of-a kind piece, request a private consultation for a custom sculpture or design. Please note that production times vary and can take an extended time to complete. Should you need it for the holidays, gift certificates are available.

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Speedcult | Len Puch and Bryan Fox
Metalwork can be ordered directly from the artist here.

Few artists capture Detroit's renegade spirit better than Speedcult. The metal fabricators behind the unique products are Len and Bryan "Von Speedcult." They design and produce a plethora of decorative and functional pieces in their metalworking studio. This multi-dimensional outfit also houses a screen-printer, which allows the talented pair to create t-shirts. Their unique vision has varied stylistic roots and includes everything from tiki culture and goth to sci-fi and rockabilly. Key designs include sconces, planters, fire bowls and furniture, although the list of items is seemingly endless.

Nicole Wrona has been on the music scene since she was fourteen- standing in line to score tickets to the latest show. After receiving a BA in Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design, she began working with a diverse range of musicians. She currently resides in Detroit. Her work can be found at

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