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Best Bars With Drinking Games In Detroit

Drinking games got their start in Ancient Greece around the 4th century BC, where Greeks would take their wine and throw it across the room to hit a target. Step into any neighborhood bar in Detroit, and you will find drinking games are still popular today. Many establishments even offer tournaments, with some giving prizes to the winners, much like the ancient Greeks did. Our modern day drinking games range from physical sports, such as bocce and shuffleboard, while others focus on quick reactions, accuracy (both of which can be tough as the the game goes on) and pure luck, such as flip cup and beer pong. The one thing all of these games do require is the ability to enjoy yourself. Now get ready to let loose, have some fun, and put those skills to the test at any of these Detroit area bars.

(credit: Cadieux Cafe/Facebook)

Feather Bowling
Cadieux Cafe

4300 Cadieux Road
Detroit, MI 48224
(313) 882-8560

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Bet you didn't know that Detroit is home to the only establishment in the country where feather bowling exists. Cadieux Cafe is a former speakeasy that has become the gathering place for the city's Belgian population and young Detroiters alike. The Belgian pastime of feather bowling requires a team, but the number of players may vary. Each team rolls six of their wheels, attempting to come closest to the feather, which is placed 60 feet away from the starting point. An average game lasts about 45 minutes, so it's the perfect game to keep your attention while you're throwing back those brews, but not so long that you get bored. If you're looking to try your hand at this fun game, take note: There is a league that occupies the lanes Tuesdays after 8 p.m. and Thursdays after 7 p.m. but the public may reserve lanes on the remaining evenings. As far as the bar itself goes, Cadieux Cafe houses an extensive selection of Belgian beer, as well as other European varieties. American and Michigan beer has also found its way onto the list of brews offered. The dinner menu includes specialized Flemish fare such as rabbit and mussels. Daily specials are available every day and can be found here. Additionally, there is live music performed almost nightly.

Northern Lights
(credit: Northern Lights Detroit/Facebook)

Northern Lights Lounge

660 West Baltimore Ave.
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 873-1739

Shuffleboard is not just for cruises––check out Detroit's Northern Lights Lounge for the best shuffleboard matches around. Table shuffleboard is a basic game that is played using a long table, a weighted puck and your hands. You and your opponent take turns sliding the puck down the table, aiming for the highest amount of points. Whoever reaches the score area first, without the puck falling off the table, wins. Best of all, at Northern Lights, it's free to play, so get your gang together and hit the tables. Just watch out for the hustlers––they win every challenge faster than you can say "Fast Eddie." This authentically retro-swank lounge not only offers shuffle board, but also has music to entertain its eclectic mix of patrons. Northern Lights features different genres of music nightly, such as Latin music night, hip-hop night, punk night, karaoke, DJs and more. The kitchen offers a full menu, with food specials Sunday through Tuesday. Happy Hour is Monday through Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Buddy's Pizza

Bocce Ball
Buddy's Pizza Detroit

17125 Conant St.
Detroit, MI 48212
(313) 892-9001

First played during ancient times in the Roman Empire, bocce ball made its way to Italy where it developed fully and became a favorite Italian pastime. Bocce is a lawn tournament which uses plastic or metal balls that are tossed toward the end of the court. The object is to be the team or player whose ball lands closest in proximity to the jack, which is acts as the target. So where can you find bocce in the D? Buddy's Pizza, of course. Buddy's has been a fixture in Detroit since 1936 and has won multiple awards showcasing its culinary accomplishments. The best part, aside from the great food, is that you, your friends and family can play bocce outside. Buddy's has created a special gated area to hold a spirited bocce competition. This is the absolute most fun you can have at a pizzeria. The mood is beyond friendly and the atmosphere is always buzzing with excitement. Be certain to check out the "The Detroiter" specialty pizza or order something from the Motor City Pizza Collection, inspired by distinguished Detroit attractions. They range from the tantalizing Detroit Institute of Arts pizza, which features artichokes and capers, to the Detroit Zoo, replete with pine nuts and fresh basil. All come complete with the Motor City cheese blend––another Buddy's creation. Click here for menu.

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Wise Guys Bar and Grill

Beer Pong
Wiseguys Bar & Grill

42305 Garfield Rd
Clinton, MI 48038
(586) 263-0300

Put your coordination to the test in the no-holds-barred competitive table game of beer pong. The object of this game is to throw a ping pong ball into a cup located in pyramid formation, at the other end of the table. If your team's ball lands into a cup, your opponents must drink up. The team to empty their opponent's cup is deemed the winner. If you're looking to participate in a rousing game of beer pong, stop by Wiseguys Bar & Grill on a Tuesday night around 9 p.m., where you'll find a free beer pong tournament in full swing. This is one of the few establishments around the Detroit area that hosts weekly beer pong, and there are even prizes––the champions receive a $50 gift certificate. Come in the next night, too, for something special––the owners cooks their favorite recipes every Wednesday.

Toasting Beer
(credit: Thinkstock)

Flip Cup
Motor City Sports Bar

9122 Joseph Campau St
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 875-4710

Get your team together and head to Motor City Sports Bar for a round of flip cup. This table game is pretty simple. Face your opponents and begin with the customary toast, then drink up! The challenge is to be the first team to finish drinking and flipping all of your cups over. How that is accomplished is up to you, but this must be done without using both hands. Motor City Sports Bar also offers other games that put your skills to the test too, such as darts, pool, foosball trivia and video games. This unassuming place always features sporting events on the bar's big screen TVs. The menu includes standard bar fare like hamburgers and fries, but it's the Balkan dish of cevapi that has patrons coming back for more.

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