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Before And After: Focus On Historic Renovations In The Boston-Edison District

DETROIT (WWJ) - Through a variety of programs, the city of Detroit continues to focus on rebuilding historic neighborhoods, like the Boston-Edison district on the city's northwest side, where seven-of-thirteen renovated homes are still for sale.

House by house, block by block, says mayor Dave Bing, Detroit neighborhoods are being rebuilt.

"We will continue to do this until we start to bring our city back and make sure the recipients of this program are very happy with the investments that are being made," said Bing.

Bing spoke outside of a home on Edison Street which was recently renovated through the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

"We had to make sure strong neighborhoods and strong communities like (Boston-Edison) didn't go backwards, so we've made a committment - there's about 5 million dollars that's going to be invested in some of our historic neighborhoods and hopefully, HUD will come back to the table with some additional funding," said Bing.

A total of 13 Boston-Edison district homes are being renovated seven of which are available for purchase.

Derek Horride will soon become the home's new owner.

"It's a wonderful opportunity," said Horride. "In addition to making citizens - owners of beautiful homes such as this one - I think it's really going to foster a lot more development and growth."

Andre Wallis is Executive Director for the Detroit Land Bank Authority, owner of the renovated properties.

"Eligibility requirements are pretty much based on the average median income for Detroit," said Wallis. "If you are a family of four, pretty much less than seventy-eight thousand dollars - you've got to have a credit score somewhere about 600 or better up to 620 we take you through home buyer counseling."

DLBA has a pre-selected pool of contractors with whom it works to renovate and rehabilitate target homes in the city.

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