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Bad To The Bone

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Whether they live with us or work with us, chances are, we all know a bad guy. They may be the hesitant, mischievous type, or the more charming and (dangerously) funny type. Whatever they are, you know what they're up to and what they're about. And if you don't? We here at CW50 took it upon ourselves to gently remind you, (with characters from our shows), to stay away from them. Or at least, play nice.

Whoever said television isn't educational obviously wasn't watching CW50.

"The Best Of The Worst Bad Guys On CW50"

1.  Mr. Burns from The Simpsons

He's greedy for power and hungry for money. Homer's boss may not be the most lovable guy on the block, but you've got to hand it to him when he does things for his community (for personal gain, of course). Running Springfield's Nuclear Power Plant is sure to put anyone on edge, but what really keeps the employees coming back for more? And why don't they take a pink slip and run for their lives? We're guessing it's the free doughnuts. Excellent? We're not so sure.

2. Marie from Everybody Loves Raymond

If switching the label on the most important ingredient for your famous spaghetti and meatball dish isn't malicious, we don't know what is. Her sons Ray and Robert are the apples of her eye, (though Robert begs to differ), and her daughter-in-law Debra is more like the orange one out. She claims she does everything out of love for her family. Sure, it's easy to mask manipulation under that line. And her constant need to feed everyone has us asking, what's eating you Marie?

3.  Adrianna Tate-Duncan from 90210

If you're looking up the word "jealousy" in the dictionary, look no further than your own television set (do people still call them that?). Adrianna is ambitious, talented, and has, we mean, had, Navid, the boy of her dreams. That is, until she let fame get to her head and pushed away the people she loved most. Navid is now with her former best friend Silver. Tampering with your best friend's medication (former or not), is no way to get what you want. Note to self: lock bathroom cabinets.

4. Stewie from Family Guy

It's not very often we get the chance to hear the innermost feelings directly from a baby. Although, we're a bit uneasy about the stuff that comes out of Stewie's mouth. No, we're not talking about that pea and brown rice mixture on the floor (what is that?) When he talks about world domination, the not so very nice things he wants to do to his family, and the self-loathing/self-love he has for himself, we understand why we don't remember anything before we were 3-years-old.

5. Carrie from The King of Queens

Sarcasm is what runs through the veins of Carrie Heffernan. Sarcasm and tough love. Her husband Doug loves her more than anyone, but we all agree that she's the "scarier" of the two. Leave it to Carrie to tell off the pizza guy, shout at the mailman, or confront an angry mob head on. Leave it to Carrie to follow an elderly woman buying groceries the day before Thanksgiving so she can get an idea as to what to make for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Or, watch her scheme her way into a promotion at work. The trick here is that she's only a bad guy to those who don't know her. Our advice? If you know someone like Carrie, keep her number in your phone for back up. You know, for when you face that angry mob.

Rosalie J. Kakos is a Community Affairs Intern at WWJ-TV and CW50. She writes stories, poetry and screenplays in her spare time.

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