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5 Best Club Of The Month Gifts For Father's Day

Buying a gift for even the most discerning dad just got a lot easier. Sign up the world’s most perfect papa for a monthly club that will remind him of your affection and tickle his fancy all year long. Want your dad to know you get him completely and think of him often? Here are five clubs he will actually be happy to get signed up for.

Golf Ball of the Month Club

Golf Ball Month Club
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Birdie-Life features six different club levels to satisfy every budget as well as dad’s obsession with golf. All club levels feature top-of-the-line golf ball brands and priority shipping. You can choose between single sleeve or full box plans, all of which come with free bundles of tees in each shipment and a Birdie-Life golf towel. If dad can’t get enough of the links, this is the club he’s been waiting for. Use coupon code “Dad” to nab ten per cent off any club you choose.

Salami of the Month Club

Salami of the Month Club
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For the dad whose cholesterol level is on the low side (or for the one who takes his medication religiously), Olympic Provision’s Salami of the Month Club is the perfect indulgence. Featuring 12 rotating varieties of hand-crafted pork salami as well as detailed tasting notes and recommendations from top salamist Elias Cairo, club levels allow you to choose between one and three delectable, monthly salami choices. 

The Original Craft Beer Club

Beer of the Month Club
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Featuring small-production, independent brewers based throughout the U.S., The Original Craft Beer Club rotates between 12 world-class, unique craft beers and includes a monthly newsletter detailing the beer’s history. All the beers are traditionally brewed via time-honored, regional methods and handpicked, giving dad the opportunity to imbibe unique brands that aren’t readily available at the local store.

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post
Photo Credit Bespoke Post

Featuring a curated, monthly box of products surrounding a theme, Bespoke Post will give dad a head’s up about each limited-edition shipment so he can say yay or nay to this month’s goodies. Product procurers span the globe looking for interesting, unique items and if none are available, custom make their own. Themes range from car detailing to epicurean delights.

Cigar of the Month Club

Cigar of the Month
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Cigars International is run by cigar snobs, and that’s a very good thing. Committed to mailing out the finest, aged premium cigars crafted around the world by only the most celebrated cigar makers and approved by top connoisseurs, the Cigar of the Month Club will ship premium and super-premium, as well as small-batch and rare cigars, to dad’s door every month. An executive summary accompanies each shipment, featuring a newsletter, reviews and insider information.

Corey Whelan is a freelance writer in New York. Her work can be found at

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