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Study: Colorado Ranks No. 1 In Work From Home Environment

DENVER (CBS4)- A new study shows that Colorado has the highest percentage in the U.S. of those working from home. It also ranks Colorado as the No. 1 state for work environment from your home.

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According to the latest study from Wallethub, which used Pew Research and U.S. Census Bureau data along with global workplace analytics, Colorado has 8.3% of its workforce still at home, down from the height of the pandemic.

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Colorado ranks high for a work from home environment because of high internet speeds, access to reasonable comfort and cybersecurity. How easy it is to work remotely may depend on where you live in the state.

laptop work from home Afro-caribbean woman working from home during the Covid lockdown
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Other states that ranked high for work from home environment are Utah at No. 2 and District of Columbia (not a state but included in the study) at No. 3. The lowest-ranking states for work from home environment are North Dakota at No. 51, Alaska at No. 50 and Nebraska at No. 49.

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