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With No Warmup, Bus Passengers Experience Difficulties At Stops

DENVER (CBS4) - Denver's cold temperatures this week aren't helping melt all the snow we have around the city, and it's causing problems for commuters who ride the bus.

Many bus stops around the Denver metro area are jammed with ice and snow. In some cases it's due to snowplows kicking the snow up off the street and in others there just hasn't been any shoveling done.

"The main streets aren't bad but if you go along Alameda it's pretty bad," said one bus rider.

Responsibility for cleaning the bus stops varies around the city:

- Bus stops in front of homes or businesses are the responsibility of the individual owners closest by.

- The Regional Transportation District is responsible for bus stops where they have their own shelters.

- At shelters where there are advertised billboards RTD says the advertising companies selling that space have to clean those on their own.

One bus rider CBS4 interviewed cut his knee chasing after a bus at South Wadsworth Boulevard and West Jewell Avenue.

"It sucks," he said. "Because everything is so icy right here and then when you're trying to get off you never know because your shoes are always slipping or you could fall and bust your butt."

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Rider Elizabeth Richmond told CBS4 she fell twice on Thursday trying to get on and off the bus. She said plowing the sidewalk is every bit as important as plowing the road.

"When you're trying to come off (with these) conditions, it basically makes it so that you're not even sure if you're going to fall headfirst into the bus stop or not," Richmond said.

The conditions are particularly challenging for elderly and disabled riders.

Residents can get a $50 ticket if they don't take care of the snow at the bus stop in front of their house. If the city has to come by because of excess snow and clean it up, then they will charge the costs of the labor to the homeowner.

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