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Wildlife Officials Warn About Increasingly Aggressive Coyotes

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) - Two coyotes have been killed after one of them attacked a jogger in Boulder. Now wildlife officials are warning people that coyotes are becoming more aggressive.

The attack happened Sunday on a bike path near 55th Street and Pearl Parkway. The jogger was treated for injuries and an open space ranger found and killed the coyote.

Just a short time later a second aggressive coyote was reported nearby at 55th and Central Avenue. That coyote was also killed. Officials said the coyote appeared hungry and sick with mange.

"Mange could be several different conditions. It can be scabies or fleas or several other small insect-like creatures that live in hair follicles," Eric Stone with Boulder Open Space said.

The Division of Wildlife has posted signs in the area warning about the presence of coyotes and the potential danger.

"Observing wildlife is one of the reasons we love living here. We're surrounded by great habitat for wildlife," Stone said.

Coyote Map
(credit: CBS)

Normally coyotes run away when they spot humans, but in these cases the animals' aggressive behavior made them a danger. But wildlife officers still say the trails in the area are still safe and just knowing how to live with them can make a difference.

"It's also our responsibility to treat wildlife with a healthy amount of respect," Stone said.

Officials say never to confront a coyote, especially if it's near its den. Also never intentionally feed a coyote and make sure they don't get unintentional access to food. When coming across a coyote try to make yourself big and make as much noise as possible.

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