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Wheelchair user summits Mt. Elbert with help from nonprofit Lockwood Foundation

Wheelchair user summits Mt. Elbert with help from nonprofit
Wheelchair user summits Mt. Elbert with help from nonprofit 02:36

Bev Davis just summited Mt. Elbert with thirty of her new best friends. This alone is a neat accomplishment, but it's made even better by the fact that Davis uses a wheelchair in her daily life to get around. 

The moment really dawned on her as the Lockwood Foundation team hoisted her to the summit, and she was able to see for hundreds of miles thanks to the help of the volunteers.

"I just burst into tears the second it was just so beautiful," Davis said. "More than 30 people were willing to do that for me, just for me!! It was kinda mind-blowing."

Volunteers with the Lockwood Foundation celebrate their climb to the top of Mount Elbert, while assisting Beverly Davis in a custom-made wheelchair. CBS

Not just any people, but Lockwood Foundation volunteers. The nonprofit's mission statement is to make adventure accessible, helping get folks with mobility issues up trails they wouldn't be able to get up alone. A lot of their adventures feature the Trail Rider, 

"It is built really sturdy, it's kind of a human-powered rickshaw if you will," trail leader with Lockwood Foundation Patrick Minaghan explained.

The chair has handholds in the back, two rods with grips in the front and a single big wheel underneath with disk breaks. The rider can be operated by 2 people, but up to 8 if things need extra person-power to lift the rider up. "It's really no heavier than carrying a few heavy groceries in from the car," Minaghan said.

"The more volunteers we have the easier it gets, more trade-outs, every 5-10 minutes, not even," Minaghan said. "Keeps everyone fresh, smiling, and having a good time."

Davis certainly had a good time, sharing laughs with volunteers as they pulled and pushed her up the trail. She said getting to the top was an emotional moment, and getting to see a view like that will stick with her forever. 

"It was really moving and to be at the top of the peak and look over the is hard to describe but I feel expanded too from that adventure," Davis said.

Beverly Davis celebrates reaching the top of Mount Elbert, with the assistance of volunteers from the Lockwood Foundation. CBS

Still, she said the very best part of the trip was getting to spend so much time with kind volunteers getting out on the trail. 

"There is much laughter in this group, that is one of the best things is all the laughter, everyone is having a great time."

"Anybody who likes to hike and wants to hike 14ers and you need a little bit extra challenge, this is the way to get it! Carry people like me up mountains."

Minaghan made it clear all are welcome, they're always happy to bring new people along on their adventures:

"You are going hiking on the weekend anyway, why not get more out of it?"

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