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Westminster partners with Google to bring fiber internet to the city

Westminster city officials have signed a deal with Google Fiber to being high-speed internet to the city. 

The deal will make gig-speed fiber internet available to those in the city. Construction of the fiber optic network will start this year in the city's right of way and easements. Service will become available as network segments are completed. 

Google and the city will team up to create informational materials for people and businesses in the city. 

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The move is aimed at narrowing the "digital divide" in the community. 

Google Fiber participates in the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program, which helps keep people connected to the internet. Eligible homes could get a monthly subsidy of up to $30 toward the cost of high-speed internet. 

Westminster is now the second Colorado city to get fiber internet. Lakewood announced a partnership with Google in late 2022. There are several tiers of service - one gig plans ($70 a month) and two gig plans ($100 a month) are available now, with a five gig plan ($125 a month) and an eight gig plan ($150 a month) planned for later this year. 

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