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'He Lied': Weld County DA Doesn't Believe Chris Watts Will Ever Tell The Truth

GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4)- The District Attorney of Weld County says he believes that even though Chris Watts pleaded guilty to murdering his family, Chris Watts will never tell the full truth about what happened.

Weld County DA Michael Rourke detailed what happened to Shanann Watts and her daughters, Bella and Celeste, in the sentencing hearing for murderer Chris Watts on Monday morning.

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Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke (credit: CBS)

On Nov. 6, Watts pleaded guilty to the nine charges he faced, including five counts of first-degree murder. In addition to the murder charges for Shanann and his daughters, he also pleaded guilty to two counts of murdering a child, one count of unlawful termination of a pregnancy and three counts of tampering with a deceased human body.

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The judge sentenced Chris Watts to three consecutive life sentences, along with two other life sentences to be carried out concurrently, in addition to 48 years for unlawful termination of pregnancy for the death of the unborn child, and 12 years each for three counts of tampering with a deceased body.

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(credit: CBS)

After the sentencing hearing, Rourke talked to the media about the case and what could not be addressed in court.

"Bald face lies. He stood up there and he tried to deflect attention away from his own responsibility. He lied to the public. He stood there and he said he hopes his children and his wife were safe for probably the better part of two days, knowing full well exactly where they were, how they had passed away and how they had gotten to where they were," said Rourke.

WeldCo DA CNN_frame_41176
Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke (credit: CBS)

Rourke says the reason for what happened continue to be unanswered.

"Based up on his Google searches, cell phone searches, some of the things that he was doing while Shanann and the girls were in North Carolina, I think it became pretty obvious that he found a new love interest and for whatever reason in his mind, divorce wasn't an option, I can't speak as to why anyone would take the steps that he did but during the course of our investigation, other than the normal stressers of financial stress that I think most of us have, the occasional marital stress, we couldn't find anything else that was a significant enough motive to annihilate your family, in the manner that he did."

When asked about the remorse that Chris Watts was showing in the courtroom during his sentencing, Rourke replied, "You and I must have seen something different, because I didn't see any remorse on his face at all in the courtroom. I saw somebody who I believe felt truly sorry for himself, for the circumstances, that he now found himself in."

Watt Sentencing KUSA City Pool link_frame_41264
Chris Watts at his sentencing hearing (credit: CBS)

"I don't believe there was any remorse displayed at any point in time," said Rourke. "I can tell you in no uncertain terms, he lied. To investigators, he lied to media, he lied to the public."

Rourke also talked about the evidence in the case and what remains unknown because of Chris Watts refusal to tell the truth.

"We were not able to ascertain time of death for any of these individuals, so to say that Shanann was deceased before the girls would simply be speculation," said Rourke.

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