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Water Declared 100 Percent PFC-Free After Contamination

SECURITY, Colo. (CBS4) - People who live in Security have started to get their water from the Pueblo Reservoir. This after perflourinated chemical (PFCs) levels in the town's water far exceeded Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

"The new pipes allowed us to bring surface water into different locations in Zone 1 and circulate the water better to completely eliminate PFCs from the tap water," said Roy Heald, general manager of Security Water District. "I am pleased to report that none of our customers are being delivered water with PFCs above the EPA advisory level. Test results we conducted recently have confirmed that. We thank our customers for their patience and participation in voluntary watering instructions this summer."

Officials believe at least some of the chemicals came from Peterson Air Force Base, where firefighters used the foam in training exercises.

The foam contained PFCs, which have been linked to prostate, kidney and testicular cancer, along with other illnesses.

Groundwater wells will not be back in use until a long-term treatment plan to eliminate the excessive PFCs is implemented.

Security is located south of Colorado Springs.

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