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Venezuelan family now at home in Denver: "We've been here for about a month"

Venezuelan family now at home in Denver
Venezuelan family now at home in Denver 02:07

The city relocated hundreds of migrant families from an encampment near Zuni Street and Speer Boulevard in Denver on Wednesday.

While the majority will move into temporary shelters, the city worked with nearly 100 to be placed in leased units and will help pay for the first and last month's rent.

To date, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston says of the 36,000 migrants the city has supported, they have housed roughly 4,000.

Others have found their own road home, like Rahnfy Alberto, who came to Colorado with his mother and other family members.

"We've been here for about a month," he said about his new home in Denver.


A community member worked to get them a lease and is paying rent for now.

He shares the space with three other families who traveled to Colorado alongside him.

Carlos and his wife and daughter share one of the rooms and the duties around the house.

"One day my wife cooks, another day he cooks. At night the other girl cooks. Everyone has their own day to wash the bathroom and clean the patio," Carlos said.


The family first stayed in a city hotel before moving into a tent on the street after reaching the city's shelter stay limit, as have hundreds of others.

"It's pretty rough, it's tiring at night, it's cold there, it's cold there during the day, even though they bring food, you don't eat well, you don't eat well because all they bring you is bread, things that suddenly you're not used to eating, it was uncomfortable to be living in a tent, be careful that they are not going to rob you or that a car gets into your tent," Rahnfy said.

Now, with a roof over their heads they not only feel safe, but they can now focus on finding stable work.


They hope skills used at home, like working as a barber will help land good jobs that will allow the family to move forward on their own.

"Try to support yourself and pay for our services," Carlos added.

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