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Vail Pass parking lot gets smaller

Vail Pass parking lot gets smaller
Vail Pass parking lot gets smaller 02:12

One of the more popular Colorado winter recreation spots just got a little harder to get to, thanks to some summertime construction.

Now that one-third of the parking spots along Vail Pass off Interstate 70 are blocked off, the already incredibly busy parking lot will become even tighter for folks looking to park snowmobiles and ski caravans. 

"We are still trying to figure out the best way to manage it," Anne Gaspar, program manager of Vail Pass Winter Recreation Manager, said. "People have been working well knowing that this is closed and that this is first come first serve situation."

"We want to accommodate everyone."

Tha sad fact is that they can't. Gaspar said they normally fill up by noon on most weekends, and expect that could happen even sooner now that there are fewer spots to go around. 

"If you're not up here early you might need to anticipate getting turned away," Gaspar said. 

The construction on the new rest area at the top of Vail Pass is expected to be finished around October 2023. Until then, people hoping to use the area need to wake up early, or risk getting turned back around. 

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