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Trump Planning Visit To Colorado This Week

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is expected to make an appearance in Colorado later this week.

Trump could visit Colorado Springs on Thursday or Friday. Trump and running mate Indiana Gov. Mike Pence made campaign appearances on Monday in Roanoke, Va. and Winston Salem, N.C.

A visit to Colorado on Thursday, the same day Hillary Clinton is expected to officially accept the Democratic nomination for president at the Democratic National Convention, could signal that Trump views Colorado as a key battleground state.

Trump still has some ground to make up after his one and only campaign appearance in the Centennial state this year in which Trump blasted Colorado's delegate selection process.

At a Colorado delegation breakfast in Cleveland on Wednesday, delegate Dan Green told CBS4 there's still some bad blood between some Colorado Republicans like him and Trump.

So far Trump has shown little interest in Colorado, but his campaign's state director Patrick Davis has said that will change.

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