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Tracks teams up with interfaith community to honor victims in Club Q shooting

Tracks teams up with interfaith community to honor Club Q victims
Tracks teams up with interfaith community to honor Club Q victims 02:10

"We do feel like an attack on one LGBTQ establishment is an attack on all," says Andrew Feinstein, owner of Denver LGBTQ nightclub, Tracks. 

On Monday night, Tracks is coming together with Colorado's interfaith community to honor the victims of the Club Q shooting. 


"It is a here we go again moment. I cannot believe six years after the Pulse Orlando nightclub shooting, we are hosting another vigil," says Feinstein. 

Monday night's event is expected to be a big one after thousands attended the 2016 vigil following the Pulse shooting. In attendance will be Gov. Jared Polis, officers from the Denver Police Department, and several nonprofits and interfaith groups. The vigil is a show of support for the Club Q victims, and strength and solidarity with the entire LGBTQ community. 

Security is top of mind at the event. Tracks already does pat downs and uses security wands. 

They also employ independent security officers and off-duty police on busy nights. 


Denver Police say that presence will be increasing following the Club Q shooting. 

"We definitely want to support the community to feel safe in these events we haven't received any threats in Denver," says Denver Police LGBTQ liaison, Officer Josh Koen. He grew up in Pueblo and has patronized Club Q. 

"That night one of my friends was there at the club and left 10 minutes prior to the shooting starting, so obviously it hit close to home," says Koen. 

Koen and other liaisons are working to make Denver's LGBTQ community feel safe, providing free crime prevention risk assessments to businesses, extra patrols, and a safe place program. 

"Not paranoid but proactive and prepared," says LGBTQ liaison Lt. Michelle Folmar. 


Denver protecting its LGBTQ community, and standing in solidarity with Colorado Springs. 

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