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Student demonstrators meet with University of Denver administrators, demands not met

Student demonstrators meet with DU school administrators, demands not met
Student demonstrators meet with DU school administrators, demands not met 02:47

At the University of Denver,  the student group "DU for Palestine" is concerned with the school's investment in Israel. The group met with DU's Chancellor, Jeremy Haefner and other school administrators Sunday afternoon to discuss students' demands for complete divestment from Israel.

The goal of the meeting was to get full disclosure of the university's ties to Israel and that request was not met. Now students plan to camp out until their demands are met. 


On Mother's Day, students at a growing encampment at the University of Denver gathered for a vigil for those lives lost in the war in Gaza. 

Marissa Casados, a student at the University of Denver, and also a member of the DU for Palestine collective group explained the importance of the vigil.

"Tens of thousands of mothers in Palestine have lost their children, tens of thousands of children in Palestine have lost their mother," said Casados. 

A reason the student protestors met with school administrators including DU Chancellor Jeremy Haefner, demanding the university to disclose any ties they have with Israel, but were met with disappointment after that demand was not met.

"We are feeling very disappointed by the lack of urgency in which this administration and this university as a whole is taking this matter considering the fact that this is an issue that is affecting millions of lives," said Jojo Carranza, also a student and member of the group, DU for Palestine. 

Student demonstrators began to set up tents on campus on Thursday. By Sunday, more than two dozen tents filled up an area of the campus where protestors do not plan on leaving anytime soon. 

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"We can't tell how long it is going to be, but we will be here in the fight until our demands are met," said Casados. 

Unlike the Auraria Campus, Students at DU are allowed to camp on campus as long as everything remains peaceful per the university's interim policy.

A follow-up meeting is said to be scheduled to discuss disclosure demands with school administrators. The student group is hoping to have more than an hour with administrators to discuss their demands.

"We're willing to put in the work," said Carranza," Whether that's an hour or two hours or whatnot, we are going to be working towards this to have those demands met."

The encampment is set up on Carnegie Green, next to the campus administration building.

DU for Palestine demands reflect those at over 150 campuses across the country asking to disclose all investments and divest from those supporting the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.  DU students have an added demand which surrounds efforts to decolonize campus.

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