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Special prosecutor questions whether Robin Niceta's cancer diagnosis was "fabricated"

Court docs say woman accused of filing false police report possibly fabricated mental disease
Court docs say woman accused of filing false police report possibly fabricated mental disease 02:44

New court documents show a twist in the criminal case of former Arapahoe County social worker, Robin Niceta, charged with making a false child abuse report against an Aurora city council member.

Prosecutors now have "significant concerns" medical records provided to delay court proceedings detailing a cancer diagnosis may have been "fabricated."

It's a full 180 from the special prosecutor on the case. This spring, the court and prosecutors were allowing Niceta's criminal proceedings to be delayed, because they believed the medical records the Niceta family provided claiming she had terminal brain cancer.

Robin Niceta (credit: Arapahoe County Sheriff)

But after a CBS News Colorado story aired two weeks ago, publicly showing some of Niceta's medical records, many medical professionals called into question their legitimacy. Now, the court is ordering Niceta to show up for a hearing on Monday.

Prosecutors wrote in a court document filed Thursday, "the people have significant concerns that the medical records provided by Ms. Niceta to defense counsel (and to the people and this court) are fabricated."

Prosecutors went on to write they "have not been able to verify that the oncology clinic is actually a real clinic of any kind," and the clinic's website is a "GoDaddy" domain that was created in January this year.

But prosecutors said they only had these medical records reviewed after hearing "concerns" from "uninvolved doctors and concerned citizens."

Niceta was the former girlfriend of Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson. 

Last year, after Aurora city councilperson, Danielle Jurinsky, went on a radio show calling Wilson "trash," Niceta allegedly filed an anonymous child abuse report against Jurinsky the very next day as retaliation.

DANIELLE JURINSKY robin-niceta-12sot-transfer-frame-36.jpg
Danielle Jurinsky CBS

Officials said they traced the anonymous call to Niceta and she was charged with two criminal counts for making a false report.

Niceta has pleaded not guilty, but as her case moved closer to trial, Niceta's lawyer appeared in court with medical records, saying Niceta had a glioblastoma, an aggressive cancerous tumor.

CBS News Colorado investigator, Brian Maass, revealed some MRI images of the alleged tumor — provided by Niceta's mother to Jurinsky last month.

"No, I'm not convinced, I don't trust Robin Niceta at all," Jurinsky told Maass. "There's zero chance that I believe anything that comes from her. My position stands."

Since then, CBS News Colorado has also learned Niceta's previous defense attorney is dropping Niceta as a client, and she plans to be represented by a new lawyer. CBS News Colorado has reached out to that new attorney for comment. 

Niceta's mother says her daughter will be traveling to Denver for Monday's hearing.

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