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Homeowners And City Face Off Over Snowy Sidewalk

DENVER (CBS4)- It's a face off between a group of homeowners in Denver and the city. They're battling over who is responsible for clearing the snow along a busy stretch of road.

The area in question is a stretch of sidewalk along Quebec Street near E. Virginia Ave. in southeast Denver.

(credit: CBS)

Linda Rodine is furious with the City of Denver. She has lived on Poplar Street for 20 years. Her backyard fence separates her home from busy Quebec Blvd.

Rodine and her neighbors were recently notified by the city that the other side of the fence needed to be cleared of snow immediately or they would face a fine.

"They are going to fine us, a ticket, and if you don't pay they put a lien on your property," said Rodine. "It's about a mile walk to get to that sidewalk."

Rodine also said the traffic and lack of parking on Quebec make clearing the packed and dirty snow dangerous.

Charles Hiltz said the city built the sidewalk about eight years ago. That was after he purchased his home. He said the city should remove the snow.

"It's not our responsibility. There's a fence there and it belongs to the city. It doesn't belong to us," said Hiltz.

Julius Zsako with the City of Denver Planning and Development office said snow-packed sidewalks are a safety hazard. He said he sympathizes with the homeowners but the law is clear.

"The bottom line is they've got to clear that pathway. We want our kids going off to school tomorrow on a safe sidewalk," said Zsako.

When asked if he had any intention of shoveling the sidewalk, Hiltz replied, "No, sir, I do not. Even if it gets a fine."

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