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SNAP benefits to be reduced starting in March

SNAP benefits to be reduced starting in March
SNAP benefits to be reduced starting in March 02:17

Thanks to inflation, groceries are already so expensive. Now some who rely on government assistance will be getting less money to put food on the table.

Beginning in March, Americans who rely on SNAP benefits will be getting less money each month.

"It is going to be very difficult and challenging time for many," said Karla Maraccini, director of food and energy assistance division at the Colorado Department of Human Services.

 "We're really looking at a $90 per person per household reduction per household of four. This means it's going to be a decrease of about $360 per month beginning in March," she adds.

That's because the temporary emergency allotments given during the COVID-19 pandemic are ending because of a recent Omnibus bill passed in Congress.

It's coming at a time when many are already struggling.

"People are having to choose between putting food on the table and paying rent," said Erin Pulling, CEO of Food Bank of the Rockies.

She says they are already busy thanks to inflation driving up the cost of food.

"We've seen more people than ever needing help with food assistance," she said.

She thinks this reduction in benefits will cause even more people to turn to them to make ends meet.

"We're bracing for it," she said.

You can't appeal this reduction. In fact, there isn't anything SNAP beneficiaries can do to prevent it, but the Colorado Department of Human Services points out you can create a Colorado Peak account to see what other benefits they might qualify for.

"If folks log on to their account or create an account there, they can see if there are additional programs for which they may be able to participate," said Maraccini.

Otherwise, people may have to turn to food banks, which say they need help from the community to meet the increased demand.

"For us to sustain that and increase our food supply to serve increasing numbers of people. We are depending on community support," said Pulling.

The Food Bank of the Rockies says to maximize your donation, consider giving money instead of food because they have great buying power and for every dollar, they get they can put together three meals.

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