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'Sic Her:' Man, Dog Attack Bride At Denver Wedding

DENVER (CBS4) - A man is on the run from police and a dog is under quarantine at the Denver Animal Shelter after a shocking attack at a wedding party last weekend.

So far it's not clear why the man police say is Joel Neveraz, a wedding guest, encouraged his pit bull to attack the bride and also attacked the woman himself.

Neveraz allegedly got upset about something at Brittany Schults' wedding on Saturday in North Denver. He then left and came back later with his pit bull.

Schults told CBS4 Neveraz suffers from several mental illnesses and at one point spent time in a mental hospital.

"At one point and time he was a best friend. Someone I thought I could trust, someone I thought would never let anyone hurt me," she said.

After he came back to the party following the wedding it was clear something wasn't right.

"I begged and pleaded with him 'Just stop. Bring the dog home, it's my wedding. Don't do this, don't do this,' " Schults said.

Soon after Neveraz allegedly told his dog to attack Schults.

"He said 'Sic her. Sic her, Skylo,' " she said. "The dog dragged me to the ground and shook me in its mouth."

The dog also attacked Schults' new husband.

"Joel stood there with the leash in hand laughing, laughing that the dog was biting me," she said.

A police report states Neveraz then started punching Schults with brass knuckles.

"It was terrible. It made a beautiful party into something I'll never forget."

Schults showed CBS4 some of the injuries she sustained in the attack, including bite marks from the dog in her skin.

Brittany Schults
Brittany Schults showed CBS4 some of her injuries. (credit: CBS)

"I'm just hoping no one else gets hurt the way I did or worse," she said.

Neveraz has been in trouble with the law before. This mug shot was taken after he was arrested on charges of assaulting a peace officer:

Joel Nevarez
Joel Nevarez (credit: Denver Police)

According to his latest Facebook post Neveraz is headed to Boston, but his friends actually think he might be headed to Mexico to hide with family members. The last time friends heard from him was in a text:

2 more stops then I hit my death bed nice knowin all yall ain't this wat use want: (yup it will be a sick death but i aint going alone

Police say Neveraz should be considered dangerous. Anyone with information about his wherebouts is asked to contact authorities.

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