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Lakewood City Council votes to approve new rules for short-term rentals

Lakewood City Council approves new rules for short-term rentals
Lakewood City Council approves new rules for short-term rentals 02:33

The City of Lakewood is one of the many Colorado communities where a debate about the future of short-term rentals has been taking place. As the popularity of such rentals grows, concerns surrounding the impact to the communities around them have also grown.

The Lakewood City Council on Monday voted to allow licensed short-term rentals for primary residents of a home. They had previously considered that property owners who didn't live at the residence would be allowed to do short-term rentals and that was written out of the proposed ordinance.

Hundreds of short-term rentals already are in operation in the city, as Lakewood Mayor Adam Paul acknowledges. 

"We've had these operating and what we've learned is we didn't have a licensing process for them. The closest thing we had was for beds and breakfast, and these aren't those," he said. 

Resident Lenore Hershovitz told CBS News Colorado on Monday night outside the city council meeting that she has been following the discussion in Lakewood for a long time.

"They have been playing around for years and years with policy," she said. 

Those in support of the rentals say with the right oversight they work, but those who oppose them say the potential impact on parking, safety and character shouldn't be ignored. 

"Most people wanted a balance, right - folks that provide these and the community at large. You are bringing a new use into residential neighborhoods so I think council wanted to be cognizant of: how do we make sure these are not causing disruptions, are there rules that are involved?" Paul said. 

The council decided the new rentals rules will start on Sept. 1 and will include a required look back in 2024 to see what's working and what isn't.

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